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  • Inductionyear: 1985

    Joe Mollric

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    * JOE MOLLRIC Joe was an outstanding Varsity football player for Barberton High School. As a freshman in 1926 Joe played right guard and had the distinction of being tied for the leading scorer on the team. He was one of the best punt blockers in B.H.S. history as was attested by the fact he not only blocked the punts, but returned a number of them for touchdowns. The team only lost one game and the success was attributed to the outstanding job done by Joe and his fellow linemen. When Joe returned to football in 1927 he was given the new assignment as fullback and started there for three more years leading his team to three more successful seasons. lt was a misfortune that more football scholarships were not given at the time, or Joe would have gone on to college.

    He stayed in Barberton and in 1936 joined the Barberton Police Department. He retired as a Lieutenant after 38 years of distinguished service, many of them working with the youth of Barberton as Juvenile Officer and pioneered such programs as “Safety Town" and the School Boy Patrols in Barberton.

    Joe was also an outstanding Bowler and Golfer and was known for having the uncanny ability of making “the putt" or “cashing the strike" when the chips were on the line.

    Joe also served on the board of the Summit County Sports’ Hall of Fame. His wife Theresa still resides in Barberton.

    Note: This is the original biography written in the 1985 induction program.
    Sport: FOOTBALL
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