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  • Inductionyear: 1984

    Mike Magda

    Bio Photo


    * MIKE MAGDA Mike graduated from Barberton High School in 1952. While at Barberton High he ran track, played football and basketball for the Magics. He was on the 1951 squad that only lost one game and that was to Massillon 6-0.

    After High School, Magda played alot of softball. He was one of the best fast-ball pitchers in the State. Mike pitched softball for many teams in this area for over 32 years and won over 300 games. Some of the Trophies he has won are: NEO fast pitch, G.A.F.P. league Champs, twice Sterling Tournament, Most Valuable Player, Akron Fast Pitch Champs, CYO Champs, Shreve Tournament Champs, Barberton Industrial Champs, Wadsworth Champs and many others.

    Mike taught many youngsters how to throw a fast softball. Magda also was a great hitter, his batting average was over 300 in his career.

    In November 1956 Mike was appointed to the Barberton Police Department. He rose through the ranks to become Chief of Police on December 23,1981 and held this position until his tragic death on July 21, 1982.

    Sport: BASEBALL
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