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  • Inductionyear: 2005

    Terry Presto

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    * Terry Presto

    Terry Presto is a 1973 graduate of BHS and a 1979 graduate of Hiram College.

    Terry played on the great Jack Greynolds teams of 71-72-73 and was the Magic’s 1973 MVP and was named All NEOC, ALL Big Eight and all District.

    In addition, he was the 1973 Baseball MVP, all NEOC and an Ohio All Star for coach Marvin Beal. That team went 18-0 and was the UPI #1 ranked team.

    At Hiram college Terry helped the Terriers to a PAC Championship and an NCAA regional qualifying berth in basketball and a PAC Championship in baseball. Before serving as the Magic’s AD, Terry coached basketball at U.L. Light for 20 years with a 253-34 won - lost record and a 1975 Tournament Championship. He is sharing this award with his wife Marian and children Mandy and Tim. Terry’s fatherjoe was inducted in 1984.

    Terry was nominated by 1991 Hall of Famer Jeff Janiga.
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