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  • Inductionyear: 2012

    Bill Muckleroy

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    * Bill graduated from Barberton High School in 1958 where he was an excellent two-sport athlete. As a basketball player for Coach Leroy Raber, MuckIcroy earned three letters. As a senior, he earned All-District Honors leading the Magics in scoring and rebounding. In baseball for Coach Les Scarr, Bill led the State of Ohio in batting average and RBI's in 1958. A quote from Barberton's A Bicentennial Remembrance: "The-well.there's Mantle-Maris-Mathews-Mays-Musial.McCovey and award to Bill Muckleroy, Magic Slugger, who in a 1957 baseball game hit a towering shot that struck the very top of Magic stadium. It is believed to be the longest homerun ever struck in Summit County, earning close to 500 feet."

    Bill played in the East-West All-Star Baseball Game in Columbus in 1958 in which he hit a homerun. He earned All-Ohio First Team Honors. Bill was named the Magics' Top Athlete for 1958. Muckleroy attended Kent State University in 1958-59 where he played freshman baseball and basketball and one year of varsity basketball.

    Following a career as an Ohio State Highway Patrolman, Bill is self-employed (Bill's Auto Body). He and his wife, Linda. live
    Sport: BASEBALL
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