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  • Inductionyear: 2013

    Harry Wiant

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    * Harry is a 1965 graduate of Barberton High School. He served as a student manager for the football team in 1962, 1963 and 1964.

    Wiant has an extremely long history of supporting BHS athletes which continues to the present day. Harry’s primary volunteer role has been as the Magics’ football team equipment manager, a role he has carried out since 1999.

    The job entails issuing and collecting players’ uniforms, laundering uniforms, repairing uniforms, inventorying uniforms and other duties.

    Harry has been a faithful Volunteer in many other areas for the Magics: ushering; parking; football chain gang for JV and Freshman football; manning the basketball pass gate; ticket sales for boys and girls basketball, Volleyball and soccer.

    In 2008, the Barberton All Sports Booster Club named Harry a Lifetime Booster. When not volunteering, Harry can be seen at Magics’ games as a fan, usually dressed in purple. He was nominated by Craig Gillenwater.

    Sport: BOOSTER
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