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To: Sponsors & Advertisers

From: Dave Cooper, Larry Ricks

Date: 7/18/2010

Subject :  Advertisement space Available on new Barberton Sports Hall of Fame Website

The new Barberton Sports Hall of Fame Website will be launched later this summer. The website will tell the stories of the sports greats in Barberton past along with recognizing an honoring today’s generation. This will be a unique opportunity for sponsors and advertisers to show their support.


Advertisment space:


Will be available on most webpages in two areas:


  1. Panel area(Left panel area of the web page w300 by h300 pixel)

  2. Footer area(Bottom of the web page  w425 by h170)




  1. To Advertisers in the Banquet program it is free for 3 months and $75 for the remaining year.

  2. The price to place an ad : $100 for one full year.




How can sponsors & Advertisers sign up:


  1. Send email to BSHOF2010@gmail.com

    1. Request to be an BSHOF advertiser

  2. BSHOF2010 will send you a email with information to fill out.

  3. Fillout the form and email it back.

    1. The form will contain info such as:

      1. Contact information

      2. Ad images for use on the website

      3. URL you would like to have linked to the ad

  4. BSHOF will add you to the list of web advertisers and begin creating your ad.

  5. Sponsors & Advertisers will be billed no earlier than ONE MONTH AFTER the website is launched.




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